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About Me
Christian Javier Marquez

Rock Solid Nutrition Ambassador
Growing up in the Midwest, Christian Marquez was very reserved as a child. While struggling to keep a positive mental health in school, he found an outlet through weightlifting. Throughout the years, Christian continued to develop a passion for fitness and was motivated to use that by positively impacting others.

While studying to become a personal trainer in 2016, he competed in his first bodybuilding show and placed 2nd in the Men's Physique class. After becoming a certified personal trainer, Christian began to fulfill his dream by helping friends and family achieve their fitness goals. Now at 24 years old, Christian is an official Rock Solid Athlete and currently training to compete in the Men's Classic Physique during 2019.

With more motivation now than ever, Christian is holding himself to the highest standards to be a role model for his newborn son Santiago.

Favorite Products: Essential Amino Acid Pump

Favorite Body Part to Lift: Legs
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